Greek words to know

γινώσκω ginōskō: translated “know”

to learn to know, come to know, get a knowledge of perceive, feel

I like knowing things. I get great pleasure out of learning and then being able to share that knowledge with someone. When I get together with people I can see on others faces that they also enjoy sharing what they know. Not everyone thinks this way, but many do. It is one of the grandest experiences in my opinion that humans can experience here on earth. It is one of the many gifts that God has given to mankind to be able to express in words. The words can fail to express fully, but still we are designed to communicate and fellowship in this way.

My desire to have a blog stems from that desire to share knowledge.Though I tread carefully, knowing that there is a reason why it took me about 40 tries to get a username and blog title that someone else hadn’t already claimed. Lots of someones have something to share. When I switched from English words to Greek words for my username, I was confounded that even my favorite Greek words were already being used for someone else’s site. I thought I was going to have the most unique and cool title, and my pride was irritated that another had the audacity to have my same idea. So the only thing unique about my blog is that I am writing words and sharing my knowledge from my tiny perspective. Nonetheless, my hope is that it gives readers something to chew on.

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